Human Resources

In line with its values ​​and deep-rooted corporate culture, Mert Hortum makes evaluations in line with the competencies required by the job and the potential and performance of its employees, without making any distinction between employees in all HR processes.

İnsan Kaynakları

    HR Policy

    Mert Hortum HR policy and practices; It has been defined to create organizational competence and skill sets that will support the performance required for sustainable growth in accordance with the business strategies of the company and brands and are managed in parallel.

    The human resources management approach aims to create motivated, innovative employees and teams with high corporate loyalty and value creation within the framework of the company’s values ​​and culture.

    Employee Development

    At Mert Hortum, it is believed that the development of employees can be achieved with continuous learning and information, and it is primarily aimed to create an environment where everyone can develop. As with all human resources practices, training and development activities are associated with the company’s strategic goals and priorities.