Mert Hortum

Quality policy

As the Mert Hortum family, we develop, produce and provide after-sales service with durable, safe and reliable products that exceed our customers’ expectations regarding quality, within the framework of our vision of “Respectful to the World, Respectable to the World”. In order to increase our quality performance in all our processes, we meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System; We are committed to continuous improvement by providing the necessary resources. In this direction;
• Compliance of our products and services with customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction,

• Reaching company and unit targets with team spirit, based on the Total Quality philosophy,

• Encouraging innovative and creative approaches,

• Ensuring full compliance with national and international standards and legal regulations,

• Implementing approaches that will improve our performance by reviewing our business processes with the perspective of evaluating risks and opportunities,

• Increasing the efficiency of our business processes to an internationally competitive level by using data management and digital tools and solutions in line with the continuous improvement approach,

• We work with all our strength to become a leading company in our sector by managing our principles and activities in the direction of increasing the quality awareness of all our employees and stakeholders in an integrated manner with our other management systems.